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Friday, 13 February 2009

The Brocante Pinboard

Part of the reason why I moved from Typepad to Blogger was because I wanted to find an easier way of organising my online life in one place. In some ways it has not been successful: I have of course lost many many subscribers who haven't yet re-discovered the path to Brocante and the blog is, for the moment, quieter as a result. But it was always a risk and one that I was willing to take in order to make the whole business of blogging more intuitive and less of the headache that the mere updating of my once inflexible sidebars was, and thus create a space that better reflects my creative interests. And I have to tell you, that though I am both still in the process of designing the page and indeed establishing a rhythm, I really rather love it... The oddest part of all of it is how my blogging environment is shaping those interests: as if moving away from the blog of the previous four years represents closing a door on who I was and allows me, to a degree to re-invent my little online world. All of a sudden I am being seduced by blog candy. I don't feel quite as introspective as I once did, and I am spending hours on end wandering, on something of a beautiful odyssey, through the kind of inspirational images and words that are tickling something inside me: something I half suspected had shriveled up and died. Wonder. That is what I think it is: wonder! Much of the former Brocante still exists. I will still be writing about my personal life as and when I feel the urge. My love of Vintage Housekeeping will never die and indeed is alive and well in both my Circle and my Salon, and I will over the next few months be putting together a new Housekeeping planner and a pocket sized book of all the most scrumptious of puttery treats so it can sit on your bedside and remind you on a daily basis to do something lovely for yourself and your home, but I will also be focusing a little more on all the gorgeous creative things that are going on around the internet, the things that inspire me, vintage images and advice that makes me smile, words that make me tingle and the women who make me want to be a better person... And so for a start, please go have a look around my new Pinboard (In the link bar at the top of the page): a daily inspiration board of gorgeous links and images from around the internet that will I hope start you on something of a scrumptiously inspirational skip around the minds of some truly creative people, and indeed help you create the home of your dreams... Which, has of course, always been my raison d'etre... I'm excited!


Tracy said...

I'm sure it will all come together & it will be as Fabulous as you are! xx

Anonymous said...

I hope your sticking with Blogger. I find it very flexible and a bit of research unearthes those bloggy treats you mentioned!

I can't wait to see your wee notebook of puttery treats. Great idea with the pinboard too.

Ali @ A Cosy Life

Kimberly said...

That (pinboard) was a wonderful little beauty treat to enjoy while I'm waiting for my cup of tea to be ready. Thanks for sharing. I would not have noticed that link on the top.

debi @ life in my studio said...

I LOVE your blog...both old and new! I enjoy reading what you have to have a real gift with words.
Love the mosaic today...beautiful!
Enjoy your weekend,

all about miss*R said...

I have been with blogger for I think nearly 5 years. It is so much better than it was and things keep getting added all the time.. plus it's free! All I need to do now is work out my new template to put some kind of background iin it and I will be set.I tried typepad but could not for the life of me work it out..

I think when we change we always take a chance of 'losing' readers... but I have decided that I blog mainly for myself anyhow.. sometimes we can get caught up with how many comments we get.
stick with it and slowly but surely you will build a community around you here at blogger.
looking forward to the puttery treats notebook for sure!

Sharon said...

I so loved your old Brocante, but I must say this is so much better, truly wonderful-it is a joy to stop by everyday and check in. It fuels my creative side and it has such a pretty, yummy look. Closing one door sometimes opens up so many others!!

Gena said...

Oh the cleverness of you Missy May! a pocket sized book of puttery treats! I can hardly wait! Yes I am thinking of becoming a blogger convert,I just long for a prettier background and I just cant do it on typepad.I love the new Brocantehome and I simply adore being part of the housekeepers circle!

Patsy said...

I love the pinboard Allison. I am a faithful reader but was not able to post comments until you switched to blogger. I enjoy your writing so much. Hope you are working on a book.

Anonymous said...

Just a simple thank you!

Pat said...

Love the variety on the Pinboard! However, I could not find a link to hop back to your Home page while on Pinboard. Did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

On my computer, the top is an off-white, so I did not know that there was anything "written" up there, lol. No problem--I "felt" around and found the pinboard--lovely. :)

Katie said...

I LOVE the pinboard!! Thank you for doing that...Love your honest writing...Katie

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