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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Puttery Things I Was Going to Do Yesterday.


Yesterday vanished in a haze of snow and nonsense, and to say I achieved very little would I think  be rather  over stating the case.

But Housekeepers I was  full of good intentions: and if thinking about being naughty is as bad as doing it, then in my rather  warped mind, writing a list of   scrumptious ways I could improve my house and home is twice as wonderful as actually having done them...
I am clearly off my trolley and that is I think, my prerogative.

1.  Transfer Finleys ridiculous  number of hugely complicated jigsaws into ziplock bags and find them a pretty box to live in. (i.e: one I find acceptable hanging around the living room).
2. Make a huge big vat of chicken and lentil soup, because soup, welsh rarebit with crispy bacon and frothy milky mochacchino are the only acceptable foodstuffs when it is snowing.

3. Plant broad beans in little cups and saucers for Finn's "Jack and the Beanstalk" homework.

4. Shake out the sheets and pillowcases in my linen cupboard and re-tie them in gingham ribbon according to size.

5. Clean out the hoover filter and sprinkle some dried lavender buds into the chamber for fluffy carpet freshness.

6.  Cover my big (read ugly) scrapbook in something pretty in order to have somewhere to stick Finn's "art" into, rather than appall my Mum, by chucking it in the bin...

7. Wrap little bundles of oatmeal in muslim, then add to a milky bath to sort out skin chapped by a chilly winter.

8. Create extra little oatmeal bundles tied with ribbon and sprigs of lavender and leave them sitting prettily on the glass cakestand on the pink linen cupboard in my bathroom.

9. Wipe the little panes of glass in the living room window with a tiny bit of washing up liquid to prevent them steaming up with condensation, or indeed being decorated by Jack Frost. (He slips right off  ever so slightly greasy surfaces, bless his  cold heart!)

10. Cross -stitch, french laundry style, tiny little "A's" into the corner of the fluffiest white towels I own. I see no reason why I shouldn't keep the the most scrumptious towels all to myself...

Maybe next week, Housekeepers. Maybe next week.

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