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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Esprit Champetre

While it is a damn shame my French isn't good enough to truly establish what is being said over at this lovely blog, to my eternal gratitude, pictures, and in this case, show stoppingly scrumptious vignettes, very definitely speak louder than words.... Go sneak a pretty peek and while you are there, find yourself thoroughly inspired by all the beautiful images in the albums on the left hand side: then go have a lie down. Let's face it, there is only so much gorgeousness we can take in one day isn't there?


Tracy said...

Pure Bliss! It is indeed a lovely blog. Thanks for sharing, Alison!

A Vintage Mood said...

Gorgeous and fresh. And inspiring in moderate doses. Definitely a sensory overload risk (in a good way)!

miss*R said...

be still my heart!

oh my god, I had to lie down with a wet face washer on my forehead.

I wish I knew what was being said but my french is very limited. what is it with the french? do they have more gorgeous things than us, or better cameras or more style? come on Alison, surely you can explain to this Australian uncultured woman descended from farming folk & servants under the stairs ;)

LexyB said...

If that lovely French blogger was really writing swear words next to those lovely pictures, I wouldn't know the difference!

Alison May said...

Oh but Lexy wouldn't it be fun if she did have a mouth like a fishwife?

Lisa said...

I love looking at French blogs too and my French is nonexistent. If you copy and paste the website address into Google, the search result will show the web page and next to it Google kindly offers to "translate this page" for you. Then when you click on it you have the page in all its glory with sometimes nonsensical English there too! If you save the page like that into favourites/bookmarks it will automatically translate the updates to the page too. Hope this makes sense!

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