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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Ageing Photographs

While the whole wide world seems capable of doing very snazzy things with PhotoShop I remain utterly mystified by the entire business and can just about manage to crop images using Window's Paint program. It's a sorry state of affairs but one I don't intend to rectify for fear of giving myself one more scrumptiously enticing reason to procrastinate in the process of learning... And so I muddle on, thrilled to my toes when I discovered an online tool designed to age my photographs in an instant and save myself hours of wishing and hoping that somebody somewhere would show me how to do it properly... So even thoroughly modern grumpy little boys can be vintaged after all. Go play... it's Japanese...but easy enough to figure out.


Lisa said...

So good to meet another computer semi-illiterate. LOL You did a fantastic job and now I'm sure to see all sorts of nifty special effects from you:)

Debbi said...

This is kinda funny! I found a photo editing site today and blogged about how wonderful it is! I really loved it. It's definitely a step up from my cropping tool, which was all I was really comfortable with, too. Super easy, works on your browser (no downloading) and FREE!

Ouissi said...

ooo I love vintaging photos ;)

I am too addicted to photoshop for my own good though!! I may have a look at the site...see if it will help my mad daily photo challenges!

Lisa said...

Oh...I was going to tell you about, but Debbi already has. It really is very easy. I do have photoshop, but I find picnik much much easier to use. If I had found it a few months ago, I would never have bought Photoshop.

Jayne said...

Very nicely done Alison. Yes, getting stuck into photo editing is definitely one of those things that sucks you in and eats up hours of time. But...if you ever do go down that road and need some advice, I'd be happy to help.

Rhonda in OK said...

I figured it out, but only after I saw the convert to English button.
I converted my brand new 7 week old grandson to look like he's 100 years old.

and your Finn looks like he must the most fun little boy!

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