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Monday, 30 March 2009


If your house got into a fight with all the other houses on the block would it win? Does it have the character? Does it have the heart? When we are all asleep and the buildings get together and share stories about us living inside them. Does your house use a funny voice to mimic the way you talk to your dog? Does your house ever worry that you are going to leave it for some bigger better place closer to the ocean with a kitchen you can eat in and floors that look old but aren’t? Would you tell it you were going or just up and disappear one day? Pay some men to gut it and stow its innards in a truck leave its closets full of dry cleaning hangers and pennies you couldn’t vacuum out of the carpet corners.

From the deliciously talented Dallas Clayton, the perfect reminder that houses have feelings too...


Vee said...

Ohhhh, I had no idea. I'd better start watching what I say when I'm alone here. I've been known to say...shhh...someday I'm going to toss a match.

sarah said...

I LOVE this!

LexyB said...

My house is more worried about whether it can remain standing than it is about me!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful storyline! I think our house sometimes is out to get is forever needing something repaired, replaced or redone, as in painting, roofing, flooring and various other costly items. But it really does look cute with the new windows we had installed two years ago and I love the new tile and fixtures in our recently updated if I can just get the house to work with me I might figure out a way to get my husband to start work on the sad little kitchen and then later in the fall a dream workroom!

Jayne said...

Ours is a bit of a prima donna - needs constant attention and ignore it at your peril!

Pamela said...

Our house is very glad to have us as it’s family. When we moved in this house wasn't very old (only about 20) but it was very tired. We have given it a face lift and if the human neighbors are any indication then the house neighbors are impressed that someone cares.

Please understand, there are many houses that are prettier, shi nny ’er and newer but none more loved. Does this mean it’s spotless clean and everything in perfect repair? No. It only means that we care that it’s needs things and we do our best to get to them soon as we can but life gets ahead of us sometimes.

Our house can boast that its humans are not relegated to the 'expected and accepted'. We've stepped out of the box more times than not as we redid things and so this house most assuredly has character and doesn't look like it came out of a can.

PS, I love your blog and this post was wonderful.

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