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Thursday, 14 May 2009

550 Scrumptious Puttery Treats!

Though it may seem as though I am permanently busy having nervous breakdowns and screaming fits at unsuspecting medical professionals, behind the scenes I am quietly beavering away creating little bits of loveliness (or in this case 550 little bits of loveliness!) for you to download and include in your planner, so the possibility of a puttery treat is only ever the flick of a page away...

Though I can hardly believe it, in the course of four years writing at BrocanteHome I have created more than 550 puttery treats: simple, tiny little tasks you can pick and choose from to add a little vintage housekeeping scrumptiousness to your day...

Designed to co-ordinate prettily with the new Housekeepers Planner I am uploading next week, this download includes 40 pages of treats divided into seasons and homemaking tasks with the following titles...

Puttery Treats for Scrumptious HomeMaking
Puttery Treats for Glorious Spring Days
Puttery Treats for Summer Days
Puttery Treats for Autumn Days
Puttery Treats for a Spooky Halloween
Puttery Treats for a Truly Scrumptious Christmas
Puttery Treats for a Snuggly Winter
Puttery Treats for Ringing the Changes
Puttery Treats for Sniffly Days
Puttery Treats for Baking Day
Puttery Treats for Laundry Day
Puttery Treats for Shopping Day
Puttery Treats for Children's Rooms.
Puttery Treats for Vintage Treasure.

So many gorgeous little treats you can use to brighten even the blah-est of days!

And the cost of all this loveliness? Just £3.50 (approx $5.30)...

Have a scrumptious, puttery, lovely day won't you Housekeepers?



Gena said...

Oh how lovely!I shall print mine off and make them into book form so I can browse through with a nice cup of tea! thank you Alison xx

Alison May said...

No Gena, thank yooooou! And everybody else who has bought the treats this morning. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it and hope they remind you all just how scrumptious vintage houskeeping is... in the same way I feel all kind of inspired all over again just reading them together...

Roll on season Two of the Vintage Housekeepers Circle...coming mid June. x

Florence and Mary said...

I didn't need to think twice about clicking buy now!

I've got a new look blog, it would be lovely if you could come and visit.

Victoria x

Ouissi said...

oooo I am so going to downloads these next week when I have funds ;)

Then I can get some inspiration...cos to be fair, i have been slacking heavily with this gallery exhibit taking over my life!!!

Florence and Mary said...

I hope you don't mind Alison but I had a crafty moment this evening and decorated a folder to house my puttery treats in and will be posting on my blog tomorrow morning with link back to you and your wonderful treats

Victoria xx

Anonymous said...


Puttery Post!

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