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Friday, 6 November 2009

Simply Breakfast

If ever there was a reason to commit to blogging, then Jennifer Causey at Simply Breakfast found it.

Last week Holly over at Decor 8 discussed to what degree blogging shapes our lives in terms of our committment to making the ordinary, the everyday, picture pretty or blogworthy and it is something that has been bothering my head in quite the most delightful fashion since...

Blogging helps me frame my life in a way that simply would not exist if the medium were not available to us. Journalling is essentially a private affair and we do not seek, nor need to impress an audience, but blogging is different and when we blog even those who would swear blind that they do it for themselves, I'm sure secretly revel in the attention of their readership whether it be tiny or indeed, global.

For the most part we want to present an image of a life less ordinary. An enviable lifestyle others will aspire to, this then being the reason why we do not litter our blogs with images of what the kitchen looks like after the tornado that is the family dinner, nor feature too largely the truth about our uglier habits, housekeeping secrets or the mess we ignore on a daily basis and only choose to banish when we are struck by the urge to frame it for a wider audience. The online equivalent of throwing a party and busting a gut to make the house look at it's sparkly best so we will not be the talk of the neighbourhood.

And this is a good thing. Blogging is a good thing. On the one hand it has us all perpetuating the myth that life is more perfect than we know it can be, while revealing to us, day by day, the utter ordinary, daily wonder of living we so often fail to see because we let ourselves become bogged down by the tiniest flutters of greed and resentment...

While most of maintain, what are essentially, online scrapbooks of our lives, bits of pretty this and that, hopes and fancied up dreams, and pictures of our lives preemed to perfection, others like Jen at Simply Breakfast choose to commit to projects that by their very nature, and by the ties that bind it to it's audience, demand swoon-worthy images while simultaneously providing life-enhancing goals (eat a good breakfast daily: make it different daily: make it beautiful daily...) and essentially ritualising the act of blogging, of good eating, and creating an image of a truly gorgeous life that most of us I'm sure aspire to...

Do you eat breakfast? Has blogging changed the way you live your life? Is every moment a potential photo-opportunity or was beauty your raison d'etre long before the blogosphere wrapped her pretty little fingers around your heart?


Domestic Witch said...

Great post, but being a blogger I'm biased! Blogging has increased my awareness of beauty, but I think my son would prefer me to stop taking the camera EVERYWHERE! haha! I found your blog last week, glad I did.

Florence and Mary said...

I do panic about my photography skills esp when there are some very talented ladies out there but I also feel I pay more attention to my photos now and am slowly learning which I think is a good thing!

Even my friends now say "oh this will make a great blog post for you" so whilst I do what I have always done, there are new things that have been added along the way but no different than mixing with new friends.

As for breakfast, I don't have time in the week but love my weekends when I can indulge in pancakes or boiled eggs!

Have a great weekend,

Victoria xx

Gena said...

Oh yes blogging has changed my life,but I am constantly in awe of other bloggers are who's photos are just lovely and mine never seem to be,hence I use pics from google or clip art,also I have a tendancy to bleat on about any old rubbish then read it back and delete it because its either too much information or not enough and therefore not really interesting! I aplaud you all who get it just right!

Jenifir said...

I like to blog about what interests me or I find interesting. I have always wanted to share what I find to be beautiful and like how with blogging you are sharing with like minded people rather than those that think your a little strange for taking the time to care about how a meal is presented or which flowers make you happy. I do eat breakfast and it usually the same everyday and I like it to look pretty just for me but it had not occurred to me to blog about it. It is wonderful to know that others care about life's everyday details. Thank-you for asking the question.

BERTIE x said...

Hello Alison, did you know that Brocante was the first blog I ever read? You opened up my world to this wonderful experience that is blogging. Praise you, and thank you. As for breakfast- porridge and honey, yumm

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Alison,

This subject has been popping up several places lately! Blogging is to me a gathering of friends who love sharing their lives, thoughts and ideas ~ and it's amazing how many friends I've made in the last three years!

I think that each person has to decide what their blog will be and they will develop a following for what that is. I don't share tons of my personal life but mostly my creativity and search for treasures. I love sharing my ideas and hope that someone will be able to benefit from them.

I do look at things a little differently now, I see beauty in a moment easily, such as moonlight through the trees, or baby birds crying in a nest because I know my friends will see it as well. Funny how blogging does help you see the beauty around you better!

My blog is not a nitty, gritty "this is my life" blog...but if someone chooses for their blog to be that, then that's wonderful!! Blogging is personal but blogging is also public ~ it's all what you want your blog to be!!

xxoo, Dawn

Kim said...

Has blogging changed my life??? Absolutely!!! I cannot say enough what a blessing blogging is to me. To be able to connect with other like-minded women is just phenomenal. And, to see the creativity out there and share ideas...invaluable.

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