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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Collection A Day

A Collection a Day is a new project by artist Lisa Congden who has set about documenting all the collections in her life, whether they be real or imagined...

Eighteen days in to the  project Lisa  has featured pegs, string, vintage portraits and packing labels, a row of eucalyptus leaves, playing cards and a set of vintage missals, each set photographed or hand-drawn by her own fair hands, each set making the commonplace look quietly extra-ordinary.

In her own words, Lisa, who admits to having been obsessed with archiving, organizing and displaying her collections since she was a girl, describes the act of collecting and documenting those collections as "as old as the hills" and goes on to say:

I want onlookers here to know that I do not profess to be doing anything new or unique or ingenious. I am embarking on this project because I love my collections, and I want to document them in a way that makes sense to me, and share them with whoever might be interested in looking at them.

A statement which owing to the sentence "I want to document them in a way that makes sense to me..." resounded loudly with me, because we can be so very sheep-like when it comes to arranging our personal "collections" can't we?

So very willing to follow the crowds when it comes to asserting our opinions. So frightened of wandering off the path much trodden that we dare not make shapes of our own, live a truly authentic life, create a house that disappoints the Jones but thrills us to the core, or even arrange our little blogs, our very own collections of scraps and inspiration in a way that makes sense to us, without feeling an almost constant pressure to please some imaginary panel of good taste makers...

We don't have to. We really don't. We take Lisa's lead and create whole worlds that make sense to us, and you know what, we can start today...


Tracie said...

This is SO what I needed to be reminded of. Thank you.

The Hausfrau said...

Thanks for pointing this out--it's something so many of us need to hear.

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