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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Good Time Girl Clock

Oh my. While I am all about embracing domestic routine to free you from the tyranny of housework, this is the kind of demented idea liable to have me burning my entire underwear collection!

Imagine having to clock in and clock off the housework. What would happen if (horrors!) the clock revealed you weren't a good girl at all, but a very bad housewife indeed, what then pray tell?? Would Mr Jones dock your housekeeping money or bend you over his knee??

It's no wonder the Feminist movement gathered such huge momentum a decade later is it?


Anonymous said...

Oh my word, that cannot be for real! I couldn't even watch the whole thing. It's a good thing I haven't had breakfast yet!

Anonymous said...

I actually didn't think it was for real ... but maybe. It was the "good girl" part that didn't seem in sync with the period, but the hair and makeup seemed authentic. By the way... the exterior of the house at the beginning? I live in L.A. and that's typical of the houses in the San Fernando Valley section of L.A. I've lived in houses like that - they all have that same window in front. Mellinthin houses (sp) named after the builder or architect. They actually are pretty nice little houses that hold up well.

Lady Dorothy said...

I think it might have been a tongue-in-cheek type of thing. What I thought was funny was that Mr. Jones rang the doorbell!

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