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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Thursday PinBoard

All images credited on the Pinboard.

A longing for Spring. For daffodills and jam-jars full of paper-whites. Enough already with snow smutty with boredom. A Sunday morning in bed with warm Camembert, french bread and The September Issue. Blown away by Grace Coddington.  Astonished yet again at how willing other women are to hurt each other.

Laughing two pages in to Januarys book choice:
" I was sure that Father Bode was equally worthy of eating smoked salmon and grouse or whatever luncheon the hostesses might care to provide. Then it occurred to me that he might well be the kind of person who would prefer tinned salmon, though I was ashamed of the unworthy thought for I knew him to be a good man." 

Embracing a divine Bohemian manifesto and watching talent quietly unfurl. Aching to learn to knit and drinking too much hot chocolate. Wearing my Winter uniform of ugly blubber. Barking back at that persistent black dog. Staying up too late. Watching Richard sleep. Wondering what he thinks of. Poking him awake till I exist again.

Hounded by a smell I cannot shift in the fridge. Wasting delicious hours at a time drawing on Odosketch. Sniffing at the perfume of my pink scarf.  Watching Laurel and Hardy in Spanish. Getting to grips with Photoshop (at last!). Feeling over-whelmed. Feeling under-whelmed.

Sick of wellies.


Carlie said...

Ah yes...the end of January! When are we having another Seasonal Scrub? If you don't host one soon I'll have to have one all by myself! Are you waiting until spring now?

vmichelle said...

Awww.... thanks Alison. But you've been inspiring me for ages. I loved Grace Coddington in the September issue, but as a creatively bent redhead myself, I might have been biased.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why everyone is in such a rush for Spring. Patience friends. Let the Earth have her Winter sleep.


The Hausfrau said...

Oh, these images make me so happy! And now I too am addicted to Odosketch...

Diana said...

And I have Odosketch bookmarked under "Time wasters and other fun" now. Th e default colours are so lovely that even scribbles look wonderful. As for that smell in the fridge, have you tried putting a little dish of baking soda in there for a couple of days? That is often very good for soaking up funny smells. Adding some vanilla essence to warm water and wiping the interior out with that is good too. This part of January is dreary enough without being plagued by whiffs everytime you open the fridge. I have four little shot glasses from a charity shop and I am waiting for the snow drops to come up so I can have a row of little posies down the centre of the dining table.

Deanna said...

Your blog is a constant source of pleasant sighs for me. As such, I've given you the Happy 101 award. You may check it out here:

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