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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Nostalgia Organics

Some days I get happy because the world is stuffed with wonderful things just waiting to be discovered. On my joy list this week? Finley's Egyptian dance (laugh out loud funny!), Dorothy Whipple's "High Wages" (I have acquired a lovely vintage orange and white Penguin edition this weekend), the cream chiffon top I am wearing to my Barbie's wedding on Good Friday, this utterly divine idea for storing ribbon, and the Delicious Miss Dahl, because no matter whether Sophie does or doesn't live on the scrumptiously pretty set and despite all the snarking her cookery program has inspired in grown men who should know better than to dress their envy in vitriol, I am thoroughly enjoying this series and won't hear another word against it! Do you hear me Giles Coren? Girls like us ADORE watching girls just like us (but prettier!) whip up a rhubarb and rosewater version of  Eton mess in the prettiest kitchen in the world and no amount of schoolboy twittery sniping is going to changes our minds ok??

Anyway what was I getting to? Ooooh yes Nostalgia Organics. Because Elea Lutz's darling joyful website makes me smile and who couldn't love a bar of organic everything, citrussy-lemongrass exfoliating soap wrapped in vintage inspired fabric and christened Happy Days Soap? The whole matter just oozes joy and a positive spin on the damn caboodle that is living in the twenty first century doesn't it? I mean who needs to stress about who to vote for  in an up-coming election when one could take a shower that makes us smile, dab a bit of Dilly Dally on our pulse points and set about creating something that will have us swoon in sheer rhubarby delight...

Happy days. Because we have to pocket them. And line them with lavender. And bake from the heart and love with all we've got and read all that makes us want to explode with inspiration and seek joy for the hell of it. Because even if the country is going to the dog's, and no amount of that nice Mr Cameron can save it, we can make our own worlds, the worlds within our own four walls as joyful as possible and Nostalgia Organics is a company making that kind of joy it's raison d'etre...

Happy days my Sweets.


The Hausfrau said...

Oh, thank you! I stopped by Nostalgia Organics and immediately bought two aromatherapy balms--DillyDally and Twirl.

I don't get why people are being so mean about Sophie's show. I watched the clip, and the only thing I don't quite understand is why she doesn't look at the audience. Otherwise, the show seems fine to me.

Gena said...

I love Sophie and I say Pah! to her critics,they are just mean,I am looking forward to episode two tonight,its pretty to watch,her cooking is great,whats not to like? and thank you for the link to Nostalgia organics,lovely!

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