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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Scrub Club

Darlings the BrocanteHome Seasonal Scrub will commence on Sunday the 7th of February for all those interested in getting your house ship-shape for Spring!

I will be posting all manner of scrub related wot-nots here over the next three weeks and for those of you who have never done a Brocantehome Scrub, nor taken part in the Vintage Housekeepers Circle,  I have put together a fabulous new download detailing both a week and a month long top-to-bottom clean from previous seasons on the Circle...

What's Included in the Download?

27 Pre-Scrub To-Do's
Tiny little puttery treats you can do today!
Cleaning Arithmatic
28 easy-peasy recipes for home-mad cleaning products.
Order of Works
 A fabulous framework for cleaning the house the Brocante Way!
The Quick Fix
 A scrub you can do in just seven days...
The Month Long Scrub
 Detailed instructons for doing a truly thorough scrub over a period of four weeks (with time off at weekends!).
58 Post-Scrub Puttery Treats
Because a little celebration is always in order after a good old-fashioned scrub!
Good Habits
A final note on maintaining scrumptiously fresh order long after the Scrub is done and dusted... 

Sounds fabulous mais oui? Just what you need to turn a chore into a celebration? Good, I'm so glad!

Order the download here for just  $5.00 and don't forget to pop over as often as you can to BrocanteHome for more puttery treats and good old fashioned advice passed on from one housekeeper to another...


Ouissi said...

oooo I will be starting mine on the 9th as on the 8th I have my photographic session for my book *faints with fear*

Will be good to get down to some scrubbing once that is ticked off...I seem to have had so little time the last few weeks

after that I just have the words to finish!!


Kristen said...

Love the download! It's just what I need to get motivated. I've just been sick for two weeks, so my home really needs cleaning, and not just the seasonal kind! I'll be starting my scrub next week when I hopefully get my strength back, to banish the germs :-)

Anonymous said...

Alison -- I have downloaded my scrub club instructions and can't wait to get started. In it you mention a "housekeeper's box" of cleaning supplies. What goes into this box?

The Happy Homemaker said...

Oh,Alison! I just downloaded my copy of Scrub Club happiness and am off to lie in bed and peruse it at my leisure.This is our second snow day this week, and with the kiddies home so many consecutive days...I'm sure to be scrubbing my little heart out soon...Thank you for the inspiration.

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