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Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Scrub Shopping List, Part One


Ok Sweetie Pies it is time to go scrub-shopping! If we are going to get down and dirty during the seasonal scrub we need to have all the right products and equipment at hand.

Remember when I said that when it comes to Scrub Club, the rules are there are no rules? Housekeepers, I lied. There is a rule, and break it m’dears and you will be damned! Ready for it?

No bleach! Ya hear me?? No bleach!

No Mr Muscle. No Jif with bleach. No Cillit Bang (Please Lord, no Cillit Bang!). Nothing mean at all. Nothing that gets up your nose and burns your delicate little nostrils. Nothing Housekeepers, that MAKES YOUR HOUSE SMELL LIKE A SWIMMING POOL!

While I don’t expect everybody to have the time, energy or even the inclination to make all their cleaning products themselves, you simply won’t get the best out of the Scrub or indeed the BrocanteHome way of life, if you don’t choose non-toxic, or indeed organic cleaning products. There are so many good non-toxic options on the market now that there really is no excuse for using anything else!

While there are some quite simply darling cleaning product lines available from the rather wonderful Mrs Meyers, to Method, and the utterly scrumptious Good Home Company, using those products exclusively would cost a small fortune, so it makes a lovely compromise to choose one or two favourites from the luxury ranges, supplemented with a few products from a budget green range like Ecover, (which is almost fragrance free and thus rather wonderful for adding your own aromatherapy oils to), and a range of basics like household soap, soap flakes, lemon juice, white vinegar and a pail of elbow grease.

Tomorrow I will provide a more detailed list of home-made cleaning product ingredients and the day after a lovely little list of Housekeepers Tools of the Trade…

Scrub a dub dub Honey Buns!


Anonymous said...

Hello Ladies and Gents-

Today here in the state of Michigan at the Jo-Ann's Fabric and Crafts Store there was a huge pattern sale-and guess what I saw in the bins? Pink plastic gloves with a pink dishbrush, sparkly silver and pink scrub pads with pink plastic cup set, and pink plastic bubble shape spray-bottle sets-each was $2.50. And what went through my mind-was wow at those prices I can afford a pretty scrub this year.

Alison May said...

Hello Anonymous, Lucky you, pink scrubs are the bestest kind!x

Dinah Soar said...

I find that using microfiber cleaning cloth plus water is sufficient to clean most things. I use Mrs. Meyers all purpose geranium scented cleaner just for the lovely smell. Microfiber and water removes 99% of all bacteria. And, as I discovered quite by accident, it will, as well, remove wax from your floors.

I find I need minimal cleaning products since I began using microfiber..I thought it was all hype, but trying it made me a believer. And no paper towels needed...microfiber and water make mirrors sparkle.

Vee said...

No bleach? Oh, Alison, I'd have withdrawal...I even wash my dishes in bleach water. I second the microfiber cloths, though. The best!

The Happy Homemaker said...

Ok, I bought vinegar,Borax, baking soda,microfiber...and bleach.I'm from the south(North Carolina) and grew up on Pine Sol and Clorox...It just doesn't feel clean unless it's been Clorox-ed...or if my mother says it CLOE-roxed :)

Katherine said...

I'm in the midst of a move, so please remind me--is the scrub going to be on your web-site, or emailed? (If the latter, did I sign up?!)

Please bear with me--the last couple weeks are a blur right now...


Susie said...

Oh, dear. I tried to download the $5.00 Scrub Club lists and it wouldn't go through! There doesn't seem to be anything amiss in my paypal account, is this still available? I do need a bit of inspiration to tackle some less-than-lovely spots in my home!


Alison May said...

Susie: Can you send me you email and I will sort it out for you?

Katherine: the scrub will follow either the seven day scrub from Season One or the month long scub from Season Two with scrubby talk all week long on Brocantehome...

And Dinah: you are so right about microfibre. Were it not for the fact that I like the smell of my cleaning products I too believe microfibre and water would be enough!

And Vee and The Happy Homemeaker: I challenge you to go bleach cold turkey through the scrub!!!x

feistyrallygirl said...

Alison, I'm having the same trouble as Susie re: the download! :( I'll email you!

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